Food Subsidy


The Food Subsidy program is introduced with the purpose of providing financial assistance to the vulnerable and poor people to purchase staple food. The objective of this program is to help the eligible beneficiary to avoid poverty and to help them secure their basic needs with the aid of a government funded allowance.

How to apply?
Citizens who meet the requirements will have to submit the Food Subsidy form with the related documents.


Food Subsidy Application Form


Food Subsidy change in eligibility criteria form

Required Documents

1. ID card copies of all members of the household.
2. Electricity bill copy for past 2 months.
3. School attendance report copy of students attending school.
4. Letter from school stating that the child is a student at the school.
5. If the child is under 6 years of age, vaccine card copy of the child.
6. Bank account statement for the past three months of the applicant.
7. Lease agreement copy of the house if rented.
8. Salary slip copy of employed members of the household.

Conditions for changes in eligibility criteria
Changes to the number of household members.

For additional information please contact 3005353/1402.