Foster Parent Allowance Program


The Foster Parent Allowance program is a targeted conditional cash transfer program implemented under the Social Protection Act (2/2014), providing financial support to vulnerable foster parents, so as to protect and improve the lives of foster children and provide them access to equal opportunities as other children in the society.

Benefit Amount

Eligible beneficiaries are paid a monthly allowance of MVR 1000 per foster child (below 18 years of age) and MVR 500 for guardian/foster parent

Applying for the Allowance

  • To apply, fill the Foster Parent Application Form and submit the form along with the required documents to NSPA
  • Application forms are available at NSPA’s counters and from island/atoll Councils. It can also be downloaded via NSPAs website.
  • Where to submit the form:
    • To NSPA Front Office (Ma. Dhonveli), during weekdays 8:00am to 2:00pm
    • To NSPA Dispatch Counter at IGMH, service hours: 8:00am to 9:00pm, 7 days a week
    • To Island Councils
    • Email to
    • Viber message to 7291402
Once a completed application is received to NSPA, a decision will be informed to the applicant via SMS within 15 working days of submission of application form.
  1. Copy of National Identity Card of all members of applicant’s household
  2. Copy of Birth certificate of the applicant’s child, if child is below 10 years and without a legal father
  3. Copy of the household’s Electricity bill for past 2 month
  4. Copy of school attendance for most recent semester (for school-aged children)
  5. Official document issued within the past 3 months stating the child is registered with a School (for school-aged children)
  6. Copy of the Vaccination card (if child is below 6 years of age)
  7. Applicant’s bank account statement for the past three months (account holder name and number should be printed clearly).
  8. Document issued by Court stating Applicant is the legal guardian of the Child
  9. If the applicant is renting a place, copy of the rental agreement specifying the rental amount.
  10. Letters of employment for all household members who are employed
  1. Applicant must be granted legal guardianship for a child below 18 years for one of the following reasons;
    • Obtained legal guardianship of Child(ren) whose parents are deceased or unable to care for the child due to disability or ill health
    • Obtained legal guardianship of Child(ren) whose parents are deemed unfit due to criminal offenses and/or incarceration
    • Obtained legal guardianship of Child(ren) whose parents are deemed unfit due to neglect and failure to provide proper care for the child
  2. Applicant must be a Maldivian citizen
  3. Applicant must not be permanently residing outside of Maldives.
  4. Applicant’s Monthly income must be below the poverty/income cutoff set by NSPA
  1. Child must be a Maldivian citizen
  2. Regular attendance to school (for school aged children)
  3. Must have received all vaccinations as per the national guideline (for children below 6 years)
  4. Eligible child should not be a registered PWD receiving monthly financial aid under the Disability Allowance Program
If the application form is incomplete, a notification is given to complete the form within 1 month. All incomplete forms will be cancelled after 1 month. A new application can be submitted again to request for the allowance.
Once application forms are received to NSPA, an SMS confirming receipt of application will be sent to the Applicant’s mobile number with the form reference/entry number
Applicants who are Approved for the Program will receive the allowance from the month of Approval. Payments will be deposited to the bank account specified in the Applicant form before the 10th of every month
  1. Eligible child marries or becomes employed
  2. Death of the child or death of foster parent.
  3. Poor attendance (below 80%) without a valid reason (for school-aged children)
  4. Child becomes eligible and starts receiving other benefits from the State
  5. Child is taken into state care
  6. Child becomes 18 years of age.
  7. Change in guardianship of the child.
  8. Beneficiary violates any of the criteria for continuation of Allowance
  9. Migration of the child and applicant to another island.
  10. Change income received by the beneficiary (for example due to beneficiary becoming employed or unemployed)
For additional information please contact 3005353 or 1402.