Disability Allowance

Disability allowance was introduced under the law (8/2010) “The disability act of Maldives” clause number 14 and clause number 33. The main purpose of the aid is to protect and provide disabled citizens the same rights and opportunities as any other citizen.

Services for persons with disability
1. Financial assistant for therapeutic services.
2. Assistive devices such as wheelchairs, walkers, hearing aids, etc.
3. Financial assistance for physiological assessments.
4. Persons with disability identification card.

Required Documents
1. Medical documents.
2. ID card copy of the applicant.
3. ID card copy of the parent/guardian.
4. Bank account statement of the applicant or guardian.

How to apply?
Citizens who meet the requirements will have to submit the disability form with the related documents.

PDF  Application Form

PDF  PWD Card application form

PDF  PWD therapeutic scheme application form


For additional information please contact 3005353/1402.