Medical Welfare

Medical welfare is a financial assistance program targeted to provide financial assistance. The main objective of providing financial assistance is to provide security in regard to medical care.

Services Provided
1. Providing assistance in travelling abroad for medical care. (Including citizens for whom Aasandha has already been arranged)
2. Providing medicines and injections not covered by Aasandha.
3. Providing Oxygen/BiPAP/CPAP/VPAP machines for those in need.
4. Carrying out bonemarrow program for people with Thalassemia.
5. Providing assistance in obtaining medical care from private hospitals which are not offered by government hospitals.
6. Providing assistance to Thalassemic citizens for carrying out *HLA TYPING / MRI T2.
7. Providing medical equipment not provided by Aasandha.
Who can apply?
Citizens with medical condition and are in need of financial assistance can apply for this program.

Welfare Form


Request for Medical Assistive Device or Financial Aid for Medical Assistive Devices


Welfare Bank Form

For additional information please contact 3005353/1402.