Fishermen’s Income Assurance Scheme

Fishermen’s income assurance scheme was established with the purpose of safeguarding a secure income for fishermen whose income is effected due to weather conditions and other nature  related causes.

Who can apply?
1. A Maldivian citizen.

2. Majority of the monthly earning should be by fishing.
3. The vessel must be licensed under the license issued by Ministry of Fisheries and Agriculture.
4. The vessel must be equipped with a Vessel Locating Device as per  Ministry of Fisheries and Agriculture’s rules and regulations.

How to Apply?
The eligible citizens should fill the form and submit the application along with required documents.

Application Form

*National Social Protection Agency (NSPA) only handles the financial assistance issuing aspect of the scheme, the form receiving and financial assistance approval process will be handled by Ministry of Fisheries and Agriculture.

For additional information please contact 3005353/1402.